Mdina, Malta

While Valletta in Malta is a spectacular tourist destination and popular cruise port in the Mediterranean, do not hesitate to venture further inland in your exploration of this tiny island. One town you should not miss is the walled city of Mdina.

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The Island of Skye

Heading to the Highlands, and visiting the island of Skye in the Inner Hebrides? Here's what to expect: The Isle of Skye is connected to the mainland of Scotland by a bridge named, of course, "Skye Bridge". Though it is the largest island ...

2018-04-05T03:27:10-04:00April 5th, 2018|


Mykonos Before it was discovered by tourism in the 1950’s, the island of Mykonos had it rough economically. This island, part of the Cyclades series [...]

2016-12-28T21:42:34-05:00March 28th, 2016|


The Pearl of the Mediterranean Here are some interesting facts about one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Europe – the little postage stamp [...]

2016-12-28T21:42:37-05:00March 12th, 2015|
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