Regal Princess Christening Ceremony

Princess Cruises will be celebrating a milestone anniversary in 2015. We were invited to attend the naming of the new ship and the festivities surrounding this celebratory event .The Godparents of the ship are the original cast members of the Love Boat series, and the ceremony was built around the 50 years of Princess Cruise Line history, and the long standing association with the Love Boat.

The Gold Carpet Pre-show
Cast and Crew

Any naming ceremony is exciting to witness but on this occasion seeing the stars as well as many of those that made a guest appearances on the Love Boat series made for an exciting gold carpet pre show to the main event. A highlight of any Christening Ceremony is when the champagne bottle breaks against the hull of the ship. Princess went one
step further and had 50 champagne bottles,one for each year, break against the hull outside, plus a Nebuchadnezzar size bottle encased in netting that was smashed poolside by the godparents. All of this was followed by fireworks and streamers in celebration.

For many of you who have experienced the Royal Princess, the Regal will seem very familiar to you with a few slight changes The addition of the Terrace pool at the back of the ship, although small is an out of the way retreat from the main pool area.

The Terrace Pool

The exciting enhancements to your onboard experience will include chocolate! Norman Love, the world famous chocolatier has created new chocolate Love desserts, and wine and chocolate pairings (these were delicious) as well as
the chocolate inspired cocktails -not to be missed. Look for retro menu favourites updated with a modern culinary twist.

Carol and Debbie enjoying chocolate martinis at Crooners

For the family, the partnership with Discovery corporation will enhance everything from shore excursions, night sky viewings, activities, and crafts, and onboard enrichment lectures.

The Terrace Pool

The Regal Princess will begin her Caribbean itineraries on November 9th, 2014.